Behind The Shirt

Behind The Shirt

That Shirt is pleased to announce a new feature on our blog called Behind the Shirt. If you’ve used our app before, you’ve probably seen some of our featured designs. But have you ever wondered the story behind these shirts? In this feature, we’re going to introduce you to the designers and their inspiration for their shirts. Now, for our first ever Behind the Shirt, we’d like to introduce Tiffany B. from Virginia.
Tell us about the picture you chose for the shirt. Who’s in the picture?
Thats my mom, Muriel, in the picture. Sometime during the 70s in New York City.

Who took the picture?
I’m not exactly sure. It was about 40 years ago!

Tell us a little bit about your mom. Why did you put her on a t-shirt?
My mom was truly a special person. A trusted confidant for many, strong but not loud, and my best friend. I miss her so much.

Where did you get this picture?
When my mom died 3 years ago she left about 3000 pictures. I didn’t have the energy or courage to look through them all until a few months ago and decided to get them all digitalized. I sent them to a company who scanned all 3000 pictures. I started going through them all and this picture was one of them. There are so many great pictures of my mom. She was super stylish and beautiful.

That’s the story behind the shirt!
Do you have pictures with stories behind them, like Tiffany B.? Do what Tiffany did and get them scanned. As long as you have a digital copy, on your phone, on Instagram, or on Facebook, you can create awesome designs. You can add text or filters and have them printed on our high quality t-shirts. You could even have your design featured on another segment of Behind the Shirt. You know how they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Now you can wear your pictures and everything it means to you proudly.

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